A new start

Recently I made a quantum leap in my life and moved from a lifetime of living in the city in Maryland to a farm in Michigan. What possessed me to do that? I love Nature, I love Earth and I want to be part of healing the Earth. So I have come here to spend time in Nature and to learn what I can do to help heal the Earth and I hope to share some of that learning about Earth care, and about the relationship between a healthy earth and your personal health, through this blog.

My most delightful find when I arrived here on the farm was the chickens. I’ve read about chickens for years in books, but being with them in person is enchanting. They are curious, friendly, have unique personalities, are very funny and beautiful. I was surprised too that they can be high-speed runners even though when they take off they look like bow legged drunks.

One thing I know from reading is that chickens are very beneficial critters both for the earth and for people. Here are a few benefits chickens provide.

  • Produce eggs, meat, feathers
  • Eat insects & insect larvae
  • Scratch for food keeping the soil tilled and weeded
  • Provide a rich source of fertilizer with their manure
  • Afford companionship and entertainment

So if you love the Earth and animals, and have room for chickens in your backyard (where I came from in Maryland, you can raise chickens as long as their coop is 100’ from any other house), check into the world of chickens. To get started, here’s a great resource I recently discovered: “Free-Range Chicken Gardens,” by Jessi Bloom. Following her guidance you can have both a beautifully landscaped yard and all the benefits of chickens for the Earth and for you personally. I am completely enamored of chickens and will be reporting more on chickens and their benefits and antics in future blogs!