All Our Relations

When any one part of our physical body is unhealthy, the entire body suffers whether we are immediately conscious of it or not. Physical and psychological neglect and abuse build up in our cells and at some point a dis-ease will manifest and we will be forced to take action. The same is true of Mother Earth. We are part of a continuous web of relations on this Earth. When any part of the web of the Earth organism becomes unhealthy or is abused, we all suffer: at some critical tipping point that becomes obvious and we are finally forced to take action to stem the tide of destruction. Better that we have healthy relationships with our physical being and with the Earth to begin with!

To understand our Earth relationships at a deeper level and to move your life in a more beneficial direction, check out, and try some of Gaian Studies founder Stephen Harrod Buhner’s books. They are profound.

“It is the opinion of the organization’s founders that the survivability of the human species depends on human beings once more reconnecting to the Earth. Without this rekindling of our ability to care for the nonhuman world from which we emerged, our behavior as a species will continue to be care-less of the Earth and its preservation. This means that each one of us must learn to “reinhabit our interbeing with the world” as the rainforest activist John Seed puts it. This reinhabiting is essential, not an academic or rhetorical pursuit, and always a personal one.”