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Ain’t Got No Body?!

“Most of us have undergone rigorous training in ignoring our bodies. Bodily awareness is not some peripheral function, but the foundation of our sense of ourselves and our ability to respond to the world.” Says Susan Aposhyan, expert, teacher and author in how the body and mind are integrally intertwined. How connected to your body are you? Do you believe that your head is your only necessity in life? Do you live only in your head? The body is an intelligent organism made of components that work cooperatively with all aspects of yourself to make you a holistically healthy, functional being. Everything that happens in life affects the body as well as the mind. The mind affects and shapes the body. The body is a reflection of your mind and it also shapes the mind. The information that comes from the bodily intelligence helps to organize the mind.

What you don’t know about your body can impede your effectiveness in the world. You can ignore it or make it a slave at your own expense. Every feeling and thought you have is correlated with physical sensations. Those sensations inform the mind about your experience in the world. When you are in a chronic, stressful situation that you cannot effectively escape from or impact in a successful way, for protection, you suppress unwanted sensations, feelings or thoughts.

Your body then creates physical defenses by habitually constricting the muscles, thus deadening the tissues of your body, a defense that is called ‘armoring’ in some psychological systems. Once you suppress or defend yourself against certain thoughts and/or feelings, you are no longer aware of them which means you have cut off communication to that aspect of your being and don’t have conscious access to those feelings and thoughts and what they need to tell you. Feelings and thoughts are correlated with sensations: armoring deadens sensation.

Physiologically, this coping strategy of defense is stored primarily in the muscles and fascia – a sort of plastic wrap that wraps around, communicates with and connects together everything in the body. Fascia allows and supports a river of energetic flow throughout your body/mind. Armoring cuts off the flow of blood, lymph and energy in your body so that you are no longer fully alive, you have numbed parts or large areas of yourself; you no longer have awareness of certain areas or access to all aspects of your intelligence.

Armoring or defense structures after a certain point no longer serve a beneficial purpose. Simply becoming aware of your defenses actually begins to change the armoring, to thaw the numbness which then allows the life flow to resume. This is a first step to opening to your greatest potentials and to a healthy, more vibrant, energetic body and exciting and satisfying life.

Magic Mind

  • What kind of life do you want? What would be the purpose of that life? There are many road signs in our language that point to the phenomena that we create our own reality: “You reap what you sow.” “What goes around comes around.” “You made your bed, now sleep in it.” Why does life happen in the way that it does? Do you want to change that?
    Eknath Easwaran, a distinguished Indian philosopher, comments, The Mind, they say, observes the so-called outside world and sees its own structure.” (p.13. Bhagavad Gita. Easwaran), meaning that we see our own internal reality, the contents of our mind, reflected in external reality. We pick out the pieces that match our beliefs and put them together, usually subconsciously.
  • As you become conscious of what you are putting out there, you can make changes according to your response to “What kind of life do you want? In other words, as you become aware of what drives you, you will then have the tools to clearly assess and direct your own reality. If you change the contents of your mind — the way you think, your feelings, then how you understand and experience reality will change.
  • All that the mind contains is what you pick up through your external senses: hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, touching. This input is structured according to your inborn or genetic factors, familial upbringing, experience and culture. “When we were born we experienced a continual flow of visual and auditory sense impressions but we had no interpretations for them. It was by experience that we learned to understand what we were seeing and what we were hearing.” (“Ensouling Language.” Stephen harrod Buhner.p.129) These experiences created a structure of thought systems or a string of perceptions and these understandings or thought systems became a framework through which you perceived the world. You encounter the world through the windows of perception.
  • Like a horse with blinders, you have a limited view because of the circumstances of your particular life. When an event happens, what I see and experience is not the same as what you see and experience. This is where the allegory of the blind men and the elephant come in. One thought the elephant was a tree (leg) another thought it was a snake (trunk). We are all touching the same elephant but each enjoys a very different part or aspect of that elephant. We do have similarities in our experiences and these are what attract us to particular situations together. Your reality then is limited but not predetermined; you have a say in the creation of your own reality.
  • IN order to create your own reality you have to be aware of and understand your thoughts and feelings and their results. When you maintain awareness of your inner landscape and have intention about what you want in your life, you can then choose the contents of your mind and recreate your beliefs and thought systems in order to navigate life more effectively. You can choose what you want to live and manifest. Know yourself! Life is not totally under your control though. Shit happens because there is randomness built into the Universe or we wouldn’t have choice. There are billions of others creating reality too, so understand your feelings and thought systems, change what doesn’t lead to your chosen destination and be committed to your dream! Awareness, intention and commitment are the essential ingredients to success in your journey.

Death By Denial

I recently moved to a rural area from a heavily populated city because to me that city had become one huge, ugly, senseless never-ending parking lot. Sometimes the cars were moving and sometimes not. Regardless, they seemed to cover nearly all surfaces. No matter where I looked there were cars, concrete and asphalt. Beauty has a mighty struggle to find a space for roots between all that endless metal and concrete.

The ability to go into Denial – not to see, hear or feel something — can come in handy (and can sometimes save your life). It can also save us from having to make tough, inopportune and courageous decisions. It can lull us into apathy. In our consumer culture, we have sacrificed beauty for convenience.

Beauty is essential to health and an indication of higher intelligence. The beauty of Nature is vital to a healthy life. Beauty is the foundation of mental health: and the ethereal sustenance of physical health. It frees the Spirit to soar. It may sound like an immense exaggeration to some, but without a connection to Beauty, we entomb ourselves; we become the walking dead.

Denial is convenient, but not life-giving. Denial of the fact that we have eliminated the subtle essence of beauty in favor of consumerism is dangerous. We get used to things as they are and then we forget that this may not be the only or best way. We become immune to the negativities. We blind, deafen and numb ourselves. And then we become ill. But that too becomes just another one of those everyday ‘things.’ In Albert Camus’ novel “The Stranger,” Meursault is sentenced to death by decapitation. The story ends with Meursault in his cell, waiting for his death thinking, “After awhile you could get used to anything.”