Eating Animals: Nature/Culture

There is a beautiful, not very large, completely white cat who lives here on the farm. She is very affectionate but never pushy. She is also a master hunter. I have seen her capture chipmunks and play with the terrified creatures for long periods of time before eating them. On a recent day I returned to the farm to find a surgically decapitated and completely filleted chipmunk lying on the porch. All that was left was the perfectly severed head, and separated from the head by an inch, the long line of the aorta connected with the internal organs – identifiable heart, liver — and one leg. Not a single bone or any fur left except on the severed skull. “Momma Kitty,” as she is known, had eaten, or very neatly disposed of, everything else.

Nate the farmer uses natural farming methods to raise chickens as kindly and holistically as possible. He has painstakingly arranged it so that each group of approximately 50 chickens has their own coop and a 50×100’ free-range pasture to roam as they please. Next year he plans to plant chicken gardens so the chickens will have a variety of fresh food. Presently, twice a day, all of the chickens are fed well on non-GMO corn and supplied with water. These chickens are raised for meat. At the end of eight weeks, Nate carefully lifts each of the chickens into a large cage and takes them to the ‘processor.’ The processed chickens are then sold to very appreciative customers who pay extra because of the care that was given the chickens and for their human health benefits. What comes up for you as you read these two stories?