Free Health Care

There are so many alternative health options available for each of us to take care of ourselves that sometimes it’s overwhelming trying to decide where to start or what to choose. The good news is that Mother Nature is essential to health, is always there in some form, and she is free!

If you doubt the benefits of Nature, here’s something to chew on:
“Elderly adults tend to live longer if their homes are near a park or other green space, regardless of their social or economic status. College students do better on cognitive tests when their dorm windows view natural settings. Children with ADHD have fewer symptoms after outdoor activities in lush environments. Residents of public housing complexes report better family interactions when they live near trees.”

So just open your window and look at the sky, look at the clouds; appreciate and absorb the beauty of something so simple. Better yet, go outside. No matter what the weather, dress appropriately and take a walk. Walking is one of the best exercises you can get and it is also free. If you can get to a park that will increase the health benefits geometrically. No matter where you are, pay attention: look around: take a few deep breaths. If you pay attention you are bound to find some small manifestation of beauty. Some stubborn wisp of Nature that loves life so much that nothing will overcome its will to live.

If nothing else works out, schedule a massage or Shiatsu session. Next to Mother Nature, healing touch is one of the most powerful life enhancements available!