Multidimensional Perception

Reality has many levels. I once attended a Quaker meeting out of curiosity. In a Quaker meeting, participants are supposed to speak only when the Spirit (the still, small voice) moves them. That includes responding only when the Spirit moves one. After a long silence, one man spoke. What I heard aroused anger in me. But I sat with it and thought about it. A multitude of thoughts and possibilities came tumbling through my mind and I considered each. By the time twenty minutes had passed, I had come to an entirely different understanding about what he had said. I was no longer angry and my new understanding led me to a great appreciation of the guy who had spoken. There are many levels of reality.

In a book by Patrice Malidoma Some, “Of Water and Spirit”, which I read years ago, he describes his initiation into being a Shaman. He was buried up to his neck in soil in the forest. He was given the instructions to look at a certain tree until he could see its Spirit. For hours and hours and days on end, he looked at the tree and noticed details in great depth, saw it in many different ways, but the tree was still a tree. Finally, after several days of this, his mind tired. His ingrained belief systems released their iron grip and at long last he saw and understood the true nature of the tree. He saw the energy body or ‘Spirit’ of the tree. He had, because of prolonged attention, worked through many levels of his consciousness to see the Reality beyond superficial perception.

I quote another story from, “The Power of Patience.”

“. . . it is rather radical that Harvard art history professor Jennifer Roberts asks her students to sit–not for half an hour, but for three hours with a work of art before writing anything about it. While some may think that this sounds excessive at first, the students realize that seeing is not the whole story of learning–it takes time to process what we see. When we give ourselves time, on any subject, not just art, a new world of detail and understanding opens up to our consciousness.”

What have you truly seen, heard and understood in your life? Do you actually spend time patiently considering, thinking about and processing what you see, hear and feel? Don’t settle for the superficial. Deeper understanding can help heal the world. Dig deep and your life will be profoundly enriched.