Sensation is the language of the body. Messages from our senses go through our nervous system to inform the entire being about the state of the external and internal worlds. Our sensations build our consciousness and our perception of life. Stress and tension deaden sensation and, therefore, our ability to feel alive or even to feel at all. Relaxation allows our senses to open up like flowers blossoming in the sun. Disciplines like meditation, Yoga, and Qi Gong relax the body, strengthen the nervous system and develop greater awareness through the physical senses. This awareness opens us to a greater and beneficially profound participation in life. I quote a Tibetan teacher, Tarthang Tulku who says it best.

“A sense of unfulfilment arises when we cut ourselves off from the full experience of ourselves and our world. Through neglect our senses toughen like elephants hide, diminishing the fullness of our sensory capacity. Only when we soften this toughness by developing the energies of feeling and sensation that link body to mind, self to world, do we open to the full field of experience – the source of satisfaction”.

The relaxation exercises of Tibetan Yoga, “work to soften us in this way, bringing us into harmony with ourselves and the world around us. When we reach this state of balance we are able to participate in the natural flow of the universe: we come to understand that we depend on nature, and nature – indeed the whole universe – depends on us.”