Polarity Therapy

There are four paths to well-being that Polarity therapy engages to help the body balance and heal itself.

  1. Therapeutic touch using bipolar hand contacts
  2. Cleansing and Health building diets
  3. Polarity yoga exercises
  4. Creation of a positive attitude and lifestyle

What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity therapy was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone who found that the human energy field is affected by touch, diet, attitudes, movement, sound and by relationships and environmental factors. It is a wide ranging therapy that incorporates various Eastern and Western approaches and is based on the idea that energy moves in waves of expansion and contraction in interrelated and harmonic patterns caused by the play of the opposite forces of negative and positive poles in the body.

There are four techniques that have been designed to help the body balance and heal itself.

The therapist concerns herself with the qualities and patterns of energies that arise from each charka. She assesses the energetic balance by taking pulses. The therapist applies hand contact on positive, neuter and negative poles to release blocked energy currents that are causing illness. Three levels of pressure are used: a very light touch that quiets and balances the body and mind; a firmer manipulation of various parts of the body; and a deep energetic pressure to release chronic blockages. With the release of blocked energy, healing comes from within the patient and the therapist is merely a facilitator or helper, not the central curative force.

Stretching postures

Polarity yoga involves stretching exercises which stimulate energy currents and tone the muscles. These exercises help to open and balance our energies and maintain the work done in therapy sessions. For instance, the squatting postures relax and strengthen the spine, open up energy centers, tone muscles, and restore flexibility to ligaments.

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The kind of nourishment we take in determines the quality of our Prana or Chi and therefore the health of every cell in our body. Dr. Stone has many practical and effective ways of using food to heal the body. Dietary suggestions from his cleansing and health building remedies will be given when appropriate.

Mental Attitude

The mind is reflected in the body. A positive attitude serves as a wellspring for a strong, radiant body. Negative attitudes that may be causing ill health are noted and suggestions for other ways of dealing with life challenges are incorporated into the overall process.