Preparing for Your Appointment


For appointments with Carol, call 269-491-8171 or e-mail Carol.

How often should you come?

The benefits of bodywork are cumulative and are an excellent means of health enhancement/disease prevention. How often you schedule depends on your time, budget and personal commitment to well-being. If you have a chronic problem, multiple treatments may be required to resolve the problem, including referral to other health care professionals. If you elect a course of regular treatment, we will assess your needs and how I can best support those needs. Periodically we will do a reassessment. All records and information regarding treatment are confidential.


Kindly give at least 24 hours notice of appointment cancellation. This is standard policy in Health care practice. Your respect for this policy is greatly appreciated. You are expected to take responsibility for arriving on time so allow ample time for traffic challenges.

Client Intake Form

Please download the form (download PDF or download Microsoft Word document). The information that you provide on this form is important as a deciding factor as to which of the healing arts might be most helpful in your treatment. Information that may seem inconsequential could be quite important to the assessment process so please be detailed and feel free to add further comments at the end. Taking your Health History is a legal requirement in most states for Massage Therapists.


Except for Myofascial, Connective tissue and Kapsos massage, all bodywork is performed with client clothed. In order to get the most from your session, wear loose, workout type clothing, no jeans or tight pants.

Please Read Carefully

Post-treatment information

There is a wide range of post-treatment response that may occur within the next two days. Some common experiences are feelings of lightness, relief, expansiveness, balance, energy level changes (both more or less); soreness, flu-like symptoms, physical discomfort, lack of energy, and emotional volatility. Symptoms are most pronounced after the first couple of treatments and lessen thereafter. These reactions are quite normal and indicate that your body is responding to and reorganizing around the changes introduced by treatment. When possible, take a relaxing bath, drink lots of water and spend some quiet time.