Workshops & Events

Interested in learning new aspects of Yoga? I love to share the profound wisdom of Yoga Philosophy and the Healing arts. Through Yoga Alliance, I am an E-RYT500 Yoga instructor and continuing education workshop provider. Below are descriptions of workshops I have given and can give again upon request for Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga classes and any audience interested in the Healing Arts and spiritual awakening. I also have created workshops on request when it is within the range of my experience and knowledge. (CEU’s are for Yoga related workshops and presentations only).

Previous Workshops with Carol:

Yoga Heals! Understanding Yoga

What makes Yoga so popular and so physically beneficial to your health? And how can you best use it to address the issues that are up for you? You are invited to a short weekend, in a nurturing, peaceful environment, where you can learn some of the dynamics that have made Yoga such a popular and effective movement practice. You will be introduced to ways of using Yoga that work for your body and your concerns and is meant to maintain and enhance your health, strength, flexibility and peace of mind.

We will discuss and practice:

  • Primary breathing techniques and how to use them to your advantage
  • A variety of Yoga Asanas (positions) & their energetic, physiological, anatomical and emotional focus.
  • Kundalini (a style of Yoga) sets for spinal and internal organ & gland health and balance.
  • Principles of Yoga & ways of practicing. (Process, Edge, Holding
  • Guided relaxations that bring balance and harmony to your mind, body and spirit.


FROM SILKWORM TO BUTTERFLY: Yoga, the Energy Matrix & Transformation

Your greatest untapped energy source, the source that is the key to further spiritual evolution, is within your own body. Understanding this source—Kundalini Energy—enables you to tap into it consciously for healing and transformation. Discover the Ashtanga Path that utilizes Asanas, breath and meditation to awaken and harness this infinite flow within you.

This workshop covers:

  1. Key practices using asana, breath and meditation to create a foundation for this journey of transformation.
  2. Relationships between energy, emotions and levels of consciousness
  3. Stages of transformation in Nature and in yoga: Silkworm/Chrysalis/Butterfly
  4. The Human Energy matrix: Core, Chakras, Meridians
  5. The biology of change
  6. Rising Kundalini: symptoms and results
  7. Insights from those who’ve been there


This workshop:

  1. Looks at stages of human development from an energy perspective
  2. Explores how the energy matrix and chakras develop chronologically
  3. Discusses reasons that we develop certain characteristics and patterns
  4. Gives practices to begin healing the past, create energetic balance and flow using Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama (breath) techniques and meditation


This workshop is an exploration of some of the parallels between Yoga philosophy as embodied in the Ashtanga Path with the pinnacle of Samadhi; and St. Teresa’s Interior Castle which describes the seven levels of prayer as the way to God or the Kingdom Within.

Other Available Workshops, Presentations, and Retreats

  • Introduction to Polarity Therapy
  • Introduction to Foot Reflexology
  • Introduction to Hand Reflexology
  • Other Ways of Knowing: Yoga, Meditation and Human Potential
  • Wild Woman Retreat: Yoga, Dance, Drumming, Meditation