Yo Turkeys!

Sometimes when I’m with an animal, I see a light in their eyes that stuns me. It is magnetic. Something surprising and numinous. In the first few moments of connection, I am entranced; free-falling into an inner galaxy of kindness and peace.

Most people know turkeys as a mound of meat wrapped in plastic that they eat on special occasions. But Turkeys are far more than a heap of meat. Turkeys hold a spirit inside as magnificent as Mt. Everest. They are joyous, elegant, proud, curious, intelligent, loving, beautiful creatures. I’ve seen it. I live on a farm. I have had the privilege of getting to know them.

Turkeys are not just a homogenized group of personality-less non-entities like packages of meat. Turkeys love their lives: they love each other. They have their separate lives of friends and seeming partnerships among themselves. These friends and/or partners are very affectionate toward each other. But they are not exclusive relationships. Turkeys are quite distinct individuals, yet they all take care of each other, care for each other and quite often move together as a group. Turkeys are peaceful, cooperative and strong.

I will say only this. I have seen the Light coming from their deep inner wells of being. If ever you have the opportunity, get to know a bevy of turkeys — in person in as close to a natural environment as possible. Spend some time with them every day without intruding into their lives. It may be a blessing, and in many unexpected ways, a profoundly unsettling lesson. But beware, if you see through the eyes of materialism, you will never enter the realm of the numinous – the Spirit and essence of the animal.